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TCG is a science-driven venture capital firm with $4.0 billion in assets under management. TCG's funds are invested in a select group of early stage drug discovery companies with unique scientific platforms that can change the world.
The Column Group

The Column Group (TCG) is a science-driven venture capital firm that makes significant financial and operational commitments to build early stage drug discovery companies based on their unique scientific platforms and potential to deliver multiple breakthrough therapeutics.

TCG’s investment strategy takes the long view in company building, recognizing that significant time is often required to generate significant value. Our approach is not “building-to-exit.” Key variables, including scientific opportunities, the competitive and regulatory landscape, and Pharma priorities, can change very rapidly. Instead, TCG’s mission is the generation of fundamentally strong companies, built from the ground up, based on great science and the ability to generate a robust pipeline.

Our investments are focused around early stage drug discovery as the best source of a new generation of novel, highly effective human therapies. We believe that the most critical resources, such as great ideas, world-class founders, and top quality managerial and scientific talent, are very rare and that concentrating them within a small cohort of companies is key to success. TCG is about the bold pursuit of big ideas; our companies use innovative science to discover breakthrough therapies that address significant diseases. Our firm brings together a rich combination of scientific, financial, and operational expertise to build and support a valuable portfolio of companies poised to have a profound impact on human health.


The Column Group is a ‘big science, dare-to-dream’ venture fund. They identify large, unmet needs in life sciences and back these ideas and teams with conviction.

Bill Rieflin, Executive Chairman, NGM

TCG’s success starts with idea generation, having the capacity and connections across the scientific community to generate at least the germ of a powerful idea in-house. That’s not something you find everywhere.

Richard Heyman, CEO, Aragon, Seragon & ORIC

The driving force behind TCG is great science and the desire to start meaningful companies with a key platform component that will be here for the long term.

Terry Rosen, CEO, Flexus & Arcus

The Column Group is a visionary venture firm with a passion for investing in innovative approaches to important unmet needs. They understand that solving big problems requires big ideas and rigorous science, and their commitment to the success of their companies is second to none.

Nancy Thornberry, CEO, Kallyope

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